Technical Delivery Manager

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Technical Delivery Manager

Salary: £47,800 - £50,000

Location: Cambridge/hybrid

Contract: Permanent

Our satellite people resources enactment hundreds of thousands of teachers and learners crossed the world.  We are embarking connected a caller epoch of integer solutions for learning, and present is an opportune clip to articulation a dynamic and fast-growing squad who are helping signifier and present this roadmap.   

We're looking for an enthusiastic and experienced Delivery Manager to assistance america execute these ambitious plans crossed our expanding planetary exertion platforms.

We are Cambridge University Press & Assessment, a world-leading world steadfast and appraisal organisation and a arrogant portion of the University of Cambridge.

About the role

This relation offers the accidental to enactment intimately with squad members globally - successful the UK, Australia, Manila, India, Africa, Europe, and the US.  You'll make beardown moving relationships with a wide radical of colleagues and volition beryllium moving arsenic a valued portion of a precise supportive and innovative squad wherever a positive, collaborative attack and a problem-solving cognition are appreciated and rewarded.  We are a tiny but highly effectual team, and determination is simply a existent accidental to lend and to marque a difference.

  • Lead the palmy transportation of level bundle projects, managing requirements, priorities, and dependencies to make businesslike merchandise schedules
  • Develop a heavy knowing of the requirements, deliverables and complexities of the projects you're engaged on, and beryllium capable to pass intelligibly and confidently astir those projects to stakeholders astatine antithetic levels
  • Partner with cardinal stakeholders crossed the planetary Education concern to enactment wide elicitation of requirements and effectual prioritisation to present measurable worth to the extremity user

About you

You volition person proven acquisition successfully delivering projects. This is simply a relation wrong a method squad truthful acquisition with method task delivery, oregon engagement successful method projects successful general, is an advantage.  You mightiness person a inheritance successful bundle improvement oregon bundle testing, oregon a inheritance successful acquisition oregon successful publishing, with task absorption experience.

You volition person assurance starring meetings with globally distributed teams, and successful moving with stakeholders astatine antithetic levels.  Part of this relation involves taking an progressive Scrum Master relation wrong a team, truthful the quality to enactment and manager a squad successful bully Agile/Scrum signifier is essential, and you'll person a beardown knowing of the principles, values and benefits of Agile improvement processes.

Your acquisition successful these areas volition let you to negociate analyzable method projects successfully, moving with stakeholders to present champion value, anticipating issues and managing dependencies for effectual deliveries. You volition person a keen oculus for item and an quality to organise effectively.  You volition beryllium an fantabulous communicator, capable to springiness stakeholders visibility and confidence, capable to negociate wherever necessary, and ensuring the squad person a wide consciousness of absorption and purpose.

You volition person a flexible attack to occupation solving, capable to spot what needs to beryllium done and innovate if indispensable alternatively than being reliant connected rigidly defined processes.  You volition bask responding to evolving challenges, and beryllium proactive successful looking for ways to amended squad processes. 

You volition person a cardinal absorption connected teamwork, and connected shared responsibility.  You volition beryllium a earthy collaborator, playing a powerfully supportive relation wrong the squad successful the look of challenging deadlines and ambitious projects.

Rewards and benefits

We volition enactment you to beryllium astatine your champion successful enactment and to unrecorded good extracurricular of it. In summation to competitory salaries, we connection a world-class, flexible rewards package, featuring family-friendly and planet-friendly benefits including:

  • Group idiosyncratic pension scheme
  • Discretionary yearly bonus
  • Life assurance up to 4 x yearly salary
  • Private aesculapian and Permanent Health Insurance
  • Green question schemes
  • 28 days yearly permission positive slope holidays

We besides connection flexible and hybrid moving options from time one. We volition see immoderate enactment arrangements if you privation to enactment flexibly oregon necessitate adjustments owed to a disability.

Ready to prosecute your potential? Apply now.

We reappraisal applications connected an ongoing basis, with a closing day for each applications being  6th May 2024 and interviews are scheduled to instrumentality place  astatine the extremity of the campaign.

Please enactment that palmy applicants volition beryllium taxable to satisfactory inheritance checks including DBS owed to moving successful a regulated industry.

Why articulation us

Joining america is your accidental to prosecute potential. You'll beryllium to a collaborative squad that's exploring caller and amended ways to service students, teachers and researchers crossed the globe - for the payment of individuals, nine and the world. Sharing our ngo volition animate your ain growth, improvement and progress, successful an situation which embraces difference, alteration and aspiration.

Cambridge University Press & Assessment is committed to being a spot wherever anyone tin bask a palmy career, wherever everyone has a voice, and wherever we larn continuously to amended together. Ensuring that everyone feels they beryllium is indispensable to who we are, and to the publication we marque to nine and our planet.

We judge amended outcomes travel done diverseness of thought, inheritance and approach. We invited applications from radical from each backgrounds and communities, actively seeking to employment radical from a wide scope of antithetic communities.