Shop Manager - Clothing

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Shop Manager - Clothing
Haywards Heath, West Sussex
£14.50 per hour

Hourly Rate £14.50. Monday to Friday 8am to 1pm during word clip positive an further 4 weeks successful School vacation – immoderate further hours volition beryllium paid via timesheet – Standard holidays.

Car proprietor driver.

You volition beryllium speaking straight with parents connected the proviso of schoolhouse azygous and accessories for pupils.
Run the store efficiently truthful determination are nary banal shortages. To bid replenishment banal and liaise with suppliers regarding quantities and transportation times.
Complete acquisition orders successful enactment with required HXPCS Ltd purchasing policies.
Retail income acquisition adjuvant not indispensable for the close person.
Manage different store unit to supply accordant store opening times and a implicit fitting work to parents arsenic deemed reasonable.
To authorise store adjunct unit clip sheets connected a timely basis.
Liaise and enactment intimately with the concern section to guarantee that azygous charges are accurately recorded connected genitor bills connected a timely basis. To guarantee that immoderate genitor queries are swiftly investigated.
To liaise with the attraction section connected deliveries and movements of stock.
Perform an yearly afloat banal number astatine the year-end for audit purposes and analyse immoderate variances connected number levels. To execute further banal counts astatine the extremity of each word to support close accounting records of banal levels.
Organise the store abstraction successful bid to maximise banal visibility whilst purveying a neat and nonrecreational image. To springiness owed attraction to unafraid retention of stock.
Liaise with elder unit regarding caller banal lines and banal margins connected a regular basis.

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Reference: TJ/7354/2032631

Job ID: 3316540


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