Shift Maintenance Engineer

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AWE is presently recruiting for a Shift-based Maintenance Engineer to beryllium liable for delivering nonrecreational engineering services to alteration the Principal Asset Engineer successful fulfilment of the strategy for the upkeep of each assets and instrumentality AWE needs successful bid to present the Programme.

The hiring manager is consenting to see Engineers with mechanical, electrical oregon electronics/C&I backgrounds.

Location: Reading/Basingstoke area

Package: £35,720- £49,000 per annum - Shift allowances use erstwhile connected displacement rotation. This relation volition initially beryllium modular moving hours until the completion of grooming and attachment to a power country (or support) shift.

AWE (one of the champion 25 large companies to enactment for successful the UK) offers an charismatic array of benefits which include:

  • Generous vacation entitlement 270 hours a twelvemonth (inclusive of Bank Holidays) positive each different Friday off

  • Flexible moving hours

  • Opportunities for Professional Career Development that see backing for the yearly rank of a applicable nonrecreational body, entree to mentors and training

  • Market starring contributory pension scheme

  • AWE Life Insurance

  • Salary sacrifice benefits scheme

  • Relocation allowance

Working for 1 of the area's largest employers and enjoying an fantabulous work/life balance, our engineers summation acquisition connected a wide assortment of instrumentality and projects and tin marque a nonstop and disposable publication to the palmy moving of the business. We presently person fantabulous opportunities for Facility Engineers astatine each levels and disciplines to enactment wrong our engineering relation connected a assortment of projects.

You could beryllium providing nonrecreational mechanical engineering services successful enactment of operational requirements, which see professionally advising planned preventative and reactive attraction to each cardinal works and instrumentality to assistance alteration the important enactment we bash astatine AWE, and completing engineering tasks to schedule, fund and prime requirements, optimising the transportation of operations engineering.

What you volition beryllium liable for:

  • Apply method cognition for engineered systems and structures

  • Interpret and present requirements from the bid publication which whitethorn see troubleshooting, quoting, reporting, design, commissioning and handover arsenic required

  • Identify and escalate concern hazard wherever applicable to works and engineered systems

  • Make evidence-based engineering decisions to lick method problems

  • Deliver displacement engineering services for the Facility Control Room.

  • May beryllium required to undertake further roles required for the transportation of the halfway relation (including but not constricted to: Risk Assessor, AP, NP, On-Call, shift).

To beryllium palmy successful this relation you volition request to have:

  • HNC/HND with suitable further experience

  • Proven quality to present engineering crossed akin manufacturing/research situation incorporating infrastructure facilities, works and equipment

  • Experience of delivering facilities engineering and attraction services crossed the beingness of an asset

  • You volition beryllium required to partake successful an further SQEP grooming and appraisal signifier for the displacement relation and volition not pull the due allowances until released by task absorption to undertake those roles and attached to a circumstantial displacement team. If assessed arsenic unsuitable to undertake Control Room duties, you volition revert to Facility Engineer duties by suitable discipline, successful enactment with the halfway relation described above.

Candidates indispensable beryllium consenting and capable to get and support the indispensable information clearance for the role.