Senior Solution Architect

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JOB TITLE: Senior Solution Architect

SALARY: £86,964 - £102,310

LOCATION(S): Halifax oregon Leeds

HOURS: Full-time

WORKING PATTERN: Our enactment benignant is hybrid, which involves spending astatine slightest 2 days per week currently, oregon 40% of our time, astatine either our Halifax oregon Leeds hubs.

About the squad

If you deliberation each banks are the same, you'd beryllium wrong. We're an innovative, fast-changing concern that's shaping concern arsenic a unit for good. A slope that's empowering its radical to innovate, research possibilities and turn with purpose.

We are looking for a Senior Solutions Architect to articulation our People Platform squad astatine Lloyds Banking Group; a squad successful spot to harvester the champion of workfellow centricity, merchandise obsession and agile transportation crossed our People Technology landscape. Our squad is focussed connected transforming the experiences passim the end-to-end workfellow lifecycle enabled by technology.

You volition beryllium astatine the bosom of designing our solutions successful a mode that unlocks and creates opportunities to digitise and present fantabulous workfellow journeys and concern outcomes, arsenic good arsenic gathering the Group's strategical goals to simplify and redefine the exertion landscape.

Purpose of the relation Our People Platform is structured into Labs, each focussed connected end-to-end workfellow journeys - from 'Attract, Activate & Grow' done 'Thrive' and 'Succeed'. These are underpinned by endeavor technologies and concern partnerships recognised arsenic champion successful people crossed the People/HR systems domain.

We request a Senior Solution Architect who volition person the accidental to play a captious relation successful designing solutions that tin supply continuous travel of worth to our colleagues, and volition beryllium liable for:

  • collaborating with Product Owners, Platform Leads, Enterprise Architects & Engineers to make the architectural runway for our Platform teams.
  • leading connected the find and investigation of exertion options and the transportation of end-to-end solution designs, utilizing applicable architectural gathering blocks that alteration predominant incremental worth transportation for colleagues.
  • identifying and managing method plan risks and issues, driving remediation and solution done architectural oregon agile practises.
  • supporting Product Owners and Platform Leads successful identifying, articulating and interaction assessing bundle and infrastructure currency risks oregon issues, offering options and recommendations connected enactment readying enabling continuous ever-greening of our exertion landscape.
  • help make our passionateness to beforehand the architecture taxable country done mentoring coaching and information successful Agile ceremonies. Senior Solution Architects volition person enactment manager responsibilities, truthful the quality to performance-manage and get the champion retired of your squad volition beryllium key.

What we request from you?

We request a person successful Solution Architecture who understands the challenges of modern architecture. You volition physique a compelling strategical imaginativeness and volition recognize a wide array of exertion implications including radical and process, bringing this to your broad presumption of design.

You'll ideally person erstwhile vocation acquisition successful bundle oregon infrastructure engineering and volition beryllium good placed to specify and merchantability your imaginativeness for Engineers, Architects, and Product Owners alike.

You indispensable beryllium a keen and comfy communicator who is blessed moving with a wide scope of method and non-technical colleagues. You would beryllium capable to nutrient precocious prime documentation tailored to the assemblage which would see elder stakeholders. As a relation that tin necessitate demanding transportation timeframes, you volition request to beryllium self-organised and beryllium capable to proactively prioritise your time.

Essential skills & main accountabilities

  • Has experienced moving successful multi-disciplinary Product, Platform and/or Feature teams.
  • Has established systems engineering oregon solution architecture acquisition and appreciation of bundle engineering methods specified arsenic Behaviour and Test-Driven Development.
  • Understands the outer marketplace including however and wherever third-party products could beryllium appropriate, cognition of exertion valuation processes and champion practise.
  • Has established experiences partnering with different collaborators specified arsenic Enterprise, Security, Business, Data and Infrastructure architects to make lawsuit worth and code concern problems.
  • Holds proficient acquisition successful starring activities associated with Architectural Governance, Risk Management oregon Compliance processes.
  • We besides request to spot specialisation successful the benignant of exertion baseline that we use. So elaborate cognition of 1 oregon much of our endeavor people SaaS solutions - specifically Workday, ServiceNow, Beeline advertisement the Microsoft M365 and Viva products - would beryllium a bonus.

Why Lloyds Banking Group

Like the modern Britain we serve, we're evolving. Investing billions successful our people, information and tech to alteration the mode we conscionable the ever-changing needs of our 26 cardinal customers. We're increasing with purpose. Join america connected our travel and you volition too.

About moving for us

Our absorption is to guarantee we're inclusive each day, gathering an organisation that reflects modern nine and celebrates diverseness successful each its forms. We privation our radical to consciousness that they beryllium and tin beryllium their best, careless of background, individuality oregon culture. If you'd similar tenable adjustments to beryllium made to the recruitment process, conscionable fto america know.

If you're excited by the thought of becoming portion of our team, get successful touch. We'd emotion to perceive from you.

We besides connection a wide-ranging benefits package, which includes:

  • A generous pension publication of up to 15%
  • An yearly performance-related bonus
  • Share schemes including escaped shares
  • Benefits you tin accommodate to your lifestyle, specified arsenic discounted shopping
  • 30 days holiday, with slope holidays connected top
  • A scope of wellbeing initiatives and generous parental permission policies

Want to bash astonishing work, that's absorbing and makes a quality to millions of people? Join our journey.