Senior Platform Engineer

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Senior Platform Engineer

Location: London, Cardiff, Darlington, Edinburgh, Belfast, Birmingham, Salford (may necessitate occasional question to different DBT Offices)

Salary: £55,400 to £74,600 (including allowances) London £60,800 to £74,600, National £55,400 to £71,900

Job type: Permanent

Closing Date for Applications: Monday 22nd April astatine midday 

We make integer services, information tools and exertion for businesses to prosper astir the world. Have a look astatine our video!

Our Digital, Data and Technology squad develops and operates tools, services and platforms specified arsenic that alteration the UK authorities to supply world'leading enactment to businesses successful the UK and overseas.

You'll get to perpetually propulsion boundaries successful an situation escaped of dense legacy, driven by curiosity, societal purpose, diverseness of thought, entrepreneurship and the aspiration to connection an unthinkable acquisition to each our users. Find retired much connected our blog, Digital Trade.

Job Description

We are connected a ngo to physique a caller cutting borderline developer level successful AWS and migrate existing DBT services from GOV.UK PasS successful the process. Are you up to the situation of gathering thing new? We request Platform Engineers to marque definite our Internet services are hosted the astir performant, unafraid and diagnostic affluent level to conscionable astatine the developer experience. 


As a Senior Platform Engineer, you volition enactment to springiness improvement teams the tools for their job, including exertion show monitoring, exception, log and metrics aggregation, dashboards, and declarative CI/CD (continuous integration/continuous delivery) pipelines.?? 

You'll evangelise merchandise teams astir service-level indicators, objectives, and mistake budgets, and negociate them. You'll assistance physique and standard our planetary merchandise level and enactment successful an on-call rota for which you volition person an further allowance.  

Our tech stack includes:? 

  • Amazon Web Services?
  • Azure?
  • AWS CodePipelines and AWS CodeBuild
  • Terraform & AWS Copilot (CloudFormation)
  • Elastic Container Service (ECS) and Elastic Container Registry (ECR)
  • ElasticSearch/OpenSearch
  • Python?and Django framework 
  • PostgreSQL?as a work (Amazon RDS)
  • Sentry??
  • Redis/Elasticache

Essential Skills and Experience

You volition request to person demonstrable skills and acquisition of:

  • Cloud acquisition with either Amazon Web Services, Azure oregon Google Cloud
  • Ability to physique code-defined, reliable, and good tested infrastructure connected apical of unreality computing systems (e.g., AWS Copilot, Terraform, CloudFormation, Pulumi)
  • Experience and fluency successful 1 oregon much programming languages, penning cleanable and effectual code 
  • Experience successful designing, analysing, and troubleshooting distributed systems
  • Knowledge of Linux/Unix fundamentals and TCP/IP networking
  • Ability to spot idiosyncratic interaction successful the infrastructure and level changes, including a thrust to amended the Developer Experience astatine each turn 

How to Apply

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The Department for Business and Trade embraces and values diverseness successful each forms. We invited and pridefulness ourselves connected the affirmative interaction diverseness has connected the enactment we do, and we beforehand equality of accidental passim the organisation. As such, we tally a Disability Confident Scheme (DCS) for candidates with disabilities who conscionable the minimum enactment criteria. Click done to use and find retired more.


We'll measure you against these Technical Skills and Behaviours during the enactment process.

We volition measure you against the pursuing Technical Skills:

  • Availability and capableness management?
  • Development process optimisations?
  • Information security?
  • Modern standards approach?
  • Programming and physique (software engineering)?
  • Prototyping?(with MVP and POC)
  • Systems integration?
  • User focus?

Detailed explanations of each Technical Skill tin beryllium recovered connected the DDaT Framework.

We volition measure you against the pursuing Behaviours:

  • Communicating and Influencing?
  • Developing Self and Others?

Further Information

Find retired astir beingness astatine DBT, our benefits and conscionable the squad by watching our recruitment video, visiting our website oregon speechmaking our blog!