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Writing articles on UX Booster is one way of helping you grow in your new UX shoes, but I can do more to inspire you. Now that most of us sit at home all day, it’s important to stretch our brains. I’ve been wanting to launch this blog for a long time. This gives me a perfect opportunity to offer you free UX webinars. It’s something I can do in between working for my clients and teaching for profit, why not then? If there is a chance for you to learn something from what I have to say, it’s worth trying. My plan is to put five sessions together and spread them over the course of a few weeks.

Free UX webinars

UX and people

The first session took place on the 14th of April. It was about people and their behaviour. I did my best to explain how human behaviour shapes digital interactions. We explored ways of looking at what people do and how we can use this knowledge when we design.

You can watch the webinar recording on Youtube.

UX and business

In the second session, I explained how customer behaviour influences the business and what should UX designers do in order to work effectively.

Watch it now on Youtube.

UX and design

This will be fun — we’ll talk about methods of ideation and creation. I will tell you how designers test their ideas. We’ll have a peek at prototyping and wireframing, and we’ll discuss the results of ideation that surface as requirements.

UX and research

The fourth session will be dedicated to research and usability testing. What is it? Why are we doing it and how can you try it yourself (without breaking a bank)? I’ll also touch on the importance of continuous research.

UX and career

The final session in this series will be focused on UX career. What’s it like to work as a UX person in a large organisation? What is it like to work in a smaller startup or an agency? What to expect, and how to grow? I’ll tell you how to approach working on your portfolio. I will also give you some practical tips that might help you find employment if you are about to transition into UX.

How to get to these free webinars?

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