Free webinar

UX and Design

Tuesday, 19.05.2020 6pm-7:15pm UK time

Part three of a five-part series

How do UX designers make all these amazing things?

Interfaces. Buttons. Interactions. Things that work for users and businesses. Apps and websites.
How do UX designers approach design processes, and what tools and methods do they use?
We all use digital products that we like. It’s exciting to think about building them, too.
Is it really that easy? Find out.

Join me at this free UX webinar to learn:

  1. What tools and methods UX designers use to make things that work,
  2. What are the basic principles we need to keep in mind when designing interfaces,
  3. How to practice design skills to grow your confidence in UX,
  4. How to avoid common pitfalls of interface design,
  5. How to focus on accessibility and inclusion from the start — and why it’s important to do that.

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