Engineering Consultant

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Engineering Consultant
Manchester / Hybrid and flexible working

Are you anxious to kick-start your vocation successful engineering consulting? Then this could beryllium the accidental for you.

We are excited to denote aggregate openings with our lawsuit for the presumption of Engineering Consultant.

Our lawsuit are a dynamic and rapidly expanding consultancy dedicated to enhancing lawsuit worth done strategical investments successful carnal assets. They play a pivotal relation successful shaping and delivering immoderate of the UKs astir important projects, partnering with top-tier companies, nationalist authorities bodies, and nationalist assemblage organizations to optimize CapEx decisions. Their imaginativeness is to revolutionize plus management, reducing discarded and inefficiency to beforehand sustainable assets utilization connected a planetary scale.

Key Responsibilities:

* This relation presents an exceptional accidental for a motivated and dynamic idiosyncratic to go portion of our collaborative squad of professionals. As an Engineering Consultant, you volition collaborate intimately with our consulting team, undertaking the pursuing responsibilities:
* Analysing engineering and asset-based information to place inefficiencies and areas for improvement.
* Investigating basal causes of problems and proposing innovative solutions.
* Compiling and presenting information done graphs, tables, and reports.
* Facilitating workshops and meetings to prosecute stakeholders and thrust decision-making.
* Implementing objectivity successful reporting and making quantified decisions.
* Establishing connections betwixt engineering principles and fiscal considerations.
* Building and nurturing lawsuit relationships to enactment concern improvement efforts.

What Were Looking For:

* The perfect campaigner volition person a beardown inheritance successful engineering and reliability analyses, coupled with the idiosyncratic thrust to excel successful delivering our engineering services. Given the captious relation our consultants play successful guiding strategical decisions, candidates indispensable show fantabulous connection skills and the quality to prosecute with divers stakeholders effectively.

Key qualifications and attributes include:

* Proficiency successful engineering principles and reliability analyses.
* A keen involvement successful optimizing plus worth done data-driven insights.
* Experience oregon beardown acquisition inheritance successful information investigation and problem-solving.
* Confidence successful client-facing interactions and relationship-building.


* Bachelors, Masters, oregon PhD grade successful engineering (mechanical, materials, aerospace, physics, mathematics, machine science, civil, electrical, chemical, oregon different STEM disciplines).

The quality of this accidental means that you volition beryllium required to beryllium Security Cleared anterior to assignment truthful you indispensable conscionable each the eligibility criteria to get UK Security Clearance.

This accidental benefits from a competitory wage and benefits, hybrid and flexible working.

If you deliberation this could beryllium a caller and breathtaking vocation accidental for you and you would similar to larn much oregon conscionable for an initial, no-obligation speech delight use straight by pursuing the Apply Now nexus and I volition interaction you arsenic soon arsenic I person your interaction details.