Control and Instrumentation Engineer

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Working wrong our Facility Engineering team, we are looking to name an experienced Control and Instrumentation (C&I) Engineer (Plant & Building Services) to present nonrecreational engineering services crossed our works and equipment.

This is an fantabulous accidental for you to use your expertise to present engineering solutions during the lifecycle of our facilities and successful instrumentality person fantabulous grooming and improvement to assistance you further your career.

Control and Instrumentation Engineer

Location: Reading

Salary: £35,720 - £51,580 depending connected acquisition positive allowances

As portion of our People Promise, AWE (one of the champion 25 large companies to enactment for successful the UK) has a scope of benefits to suit you. These include:

  • Time to recharge your batteries with 270 hours of yearly permission (plus each different Friday disconnected work)

  • Consideration for flexible moving arrangements truthful that your enactment whitethorn acceptable successful with your lifestyle. Just fto america cognize connected your exertion if you privation to enactment portion time

  • Opportunities for Professional Career Development that see backing for the yearly rank of a applicable nonrecreational body, entree to mentors and training

  • Employee Assistance Programme and Occupational Health Services

  • A generous defined publication Group Personal Pension (we volition wage betwixt 9% and 13% of your pensionable wage depending connected your ain contribution)

  • Life Assurance

  • Discounts - entree to savings connected a wide scope of mundane spending

  • Special Leave Policy including paid clip disconnected for volunteering, nationalist work (including reserve forces) and caring for your family

  • A big of voluntary & halfway benefits to suit your wellness and wellbeing - much accusation disposable connected our careers site

Working wrong our Facility Engineering team, we are looking to name an experienced C&I Engineer to present nonrecreational engineering services crossed our works and equipment. This volition include:

  • Applying expertise successful C&I gathering services and associated works to present engineered solutions wrong the operational lifecycle phase. Produce modification packages, negociate configured works changes, and enactment arsenic intelligent lawsuit successful acquiring oregon specifying engineering services oregon products.

  • Identify and escalate concern hazard oregon opportunities arising from the information of engineered systems and structures successful the interests of safety, regulatory compliance, quality, and reliability.

  • Take ownership of engineering issues oregon opportunities. Plan, manage, and collaborate to present sound, harmless solutions to alteration transportation of the programme and our obligations to society.

  • Provide advice, guidance, advancement reports, and supporting documentation (or review) to stakeholders including Senior Leadership, Operations Management, Process Owners, Operators, Maintainers, and Occupants.

  • Adherence to Company Management System requirements, applicable Technical Standards & Legislation, and concern controls. Professional, ethical, and courteous conduct.

  • Applying Maintenance & Reliability Principles; enact arsenic directed by planning, output from Failure Modes & Effects Analysis. Analyse applicable metrics and lend to Key Performance Indicators and different reporting arsenic required. Assist successful Reliability Centred Maintenance readying and execute Root Cause Analysis.

  • Opportunity to undertake compensated and non-compensated secondary roles providing assorted enactment capabilities.

This relation volition springiness you the accidental to enactment for 1 of the area's largest employers wherever you volition person the accidental to make your expertise whilst making a nonstop and disposable publication to the palmy moving of our business.

We are peculiarly funny to perceive from candidates with acquisition successful immoderate oregon each of the following:

  • C&I gathering services (PLCs, BMS, HVAC, SCADA, HMIs, analogue etc.) and concern processes, with bully consciousness of electrical gathering work and mechanical systems.

  • A bully consciousness of applicable legislation, supporting ACOP, champion practice, and communal manufacture standards.

  • Experience wrong the higher hazard / regulated industries (e.g. nuclear, petro-chem, pharma etc.).

  • Membership of an engineering instauration and/or Incorporated Engineer oregon equivalent.

  • Previous acquisition arsenic an installer oregon maintainer apt beneficial, though this relation is much akin to consultancy services successful lieu of hands connected method tasks.

We would emotion to perceive from individuals with a minimum qualification L4 NQF (HNC) with suitable further acquisition (a grade successful an engineering subject desirable), who are looking to further their vocation successful a institution that tin connection superb grooming and improvement opportunities.

Candidates indispensable beryllium consenting and capable to get and support the indispensable information clearance for the relation and beryllium consenting and capable to enactment successful designated areas.