Month: April 2020

Badly drawn Wojtek by a classroom board

Free UX webinars — learn how designers work

Writing articles on UX Booster is one way of helping you grow in your new UX shoes, but I can do more to inspire you. Now that most of us sit at home all day, it’s important to stretch our brains. I’ve been wanting to launch this blog for a long time. This gives me a perfect opportunity to offer you free UX webinars. It’s something I can do in between working for my clients and teaching for profit, why not then? If there is a chance for you to learn something from what I have to say, it’s worth trying. My plan is to put five sessions together and spread them over the course of a few weeks.

Heinrich the UX Brain in his jar

The birth of UX Booster

Welcome to UX Booster. I am setting it up because I know how hard it is to start as a UX designer.

You are probably looking for knowledge and guidance. The Internet is full of wonderful things, but the number of choices can be overwhelming. Where to start? What to read? Who to follow? 

I can help.


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