Month: April 2020

Ed and Miriam talking. Something's going to hit the fan soon.

Problems first, solutions later

As designers, we want to give others the best experience we can. We spend long hours designing apps and websites that should make the lives of others a bit easier. Look at your smartphone’s screen; there are so many colourful icons on it. Each of these things opens an entire universe of options. People who created these apps had your best interest in mind. But if all these pieces of software are good, why aren’t you using most of them? Why aren’t they clicking with you?


UX and People — webinar recording

The recording from the first-ever UX Booster webinar is now available online. You can watch it on the Youtube channel. I am very happy to say that the feedback has been very good so far. There are a few things to improve — as always! — and I will take all comments into consideration. After all, this is also an experience-driven process, and I want to do the best I can.

Ears, eyes, hands and brain! All that a UX might need.

5 fundamental skills of every UX designer

There are a few skills that will help a junior UX designer grow. This is not a definite list, and you should add to it as you develop your career. In time you will find things that you are good at, or better than most of your colleagues. Invest time in these skills. Hone them. Have a look at my list now and see where you could improve. If there is anything that stands out, invest time in it. It will be worth it — trust me.


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