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How to grow at the beginning of your career?

The response to my free UX webinars was phenomenal, and I received many questions from you. One of the things that I’ve heard repeatedly was: ‘How to grow/stay happy at the beginning of my UX career?’. Here’s the first tip I can give you.

Tough questions

Starting my first big IT job was not easy. I worked as a web designer for a big UK-based broadband company. I remember thinking: ‘Am I good enough for this job? Can I progress? Am I always going to be a web designer? What if I don’t know something that I am supposed to know? Will there be consequences? I’d better not say anything …’ So, my first strategy of dealing with my own lack of confidence was to keep my mouth shut. In my head, I thought that if I stayed quiet, others would see me as an obedient worker who knows his place. And that skills will come in time, anyway, and fill the gaps in my knowledge.

Ed and Miriam talking. Something's going to hit the fan soon.

Problems first, solutions later

As designers, we want to give others the best experience we can. We spend long hours designing apps and websites that should make the lives of others a bit easier. Look at your smartphone’s screen; there are so many colourful icons on it. Each of these things opens an entire universe of options. People who created these apps had your best interest in mind. But if all these pieces of software are good, why aren’t you using most of them? Why aren’t they clicking with you?


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